Fundraising Opportunity

After my first year of ministry here at Galilee, I’ve been able to reflect on what God has done, and is doing, in the lives of our students. 2013 has been, without a doubt, my greatest year in ministry. I have learned so much and look forward to learning even more on this journey with my Galilee family!

Looking back, I have also taken note of some areas we can grow in. One is lowering parent’s cost for youth events. It would be easy if the church had unlimited resources; however, we do not. That being said, raising funds requires some creativity and thinking. What if we could raise money, and hold to one of our core values of service at the same time? I think we have found a way to do both this past week.

As most of you guys know, we hosted a flag football game here at the church on Monday. After hearing of a league that needed facilities, we began entertaining the thought. The gate and concession money could possibly raise funds for our teens. This was new territory for us. We rallied a few teens and parents together and figured we would give it a try. After only a little more than three hours, we were impressed with the results. The five students represented this Monday will be credited over $60 each to their youth accounts (pending a reimbursement from the league for the referee’s).

We have a few more games we are committed to; the most recent is this upcoming Monday, the 23rd. Here are the guidelines for serving:

  • Students must confirm ahead of time they will be serving
  • There will be no more than six needed each night (first come, first serve)
  • Students that have not served at a game already will have priority over students that have served (this will ensure the positions can be filled evenly among our students)
  • In the event that six spots are not covered the night before a game, students who have served before will be able to sign up to serve
  • Adults can represent their sons/daughters to credit the youth account if the student can’t make it to the game (i.e. sports, school projects, illness, other conflicts in schedule, etc.)


At this point we have verbally committed to serving three more games with our youth. The only date I have confirmed is this coming Monday from 5-8:30. As soon as I learn of future dates, I will update everyone. If none of the dates for the concessions work for you, we will have more events planned in the future to help raise funds for your student’s youth accounts. As always, please contact me with any questions you might have related to this or anything else going on.


In Christ,

Ryan Wells


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