Angola Rodeo

On October 13 we will be taking our youth to Angola for their rodeo. If you have never experienced this event, you really should join us! It is so much fun for the whole family.

We will leave out following our 10:30 service that morning. The rodeo begins at 2:00 p.m. We should be able to arrive with a few minutes to spare if we leave right after church. The church has paid for 40 tickets at $15 a piece. Based on the response from the people of our church I have told about the rodeo, we will easily sell all of these tickets. All 40 seats are in the same section and they normally sell out the arena; therefore, getting tickets early is crucial. We can take 28 students in the two vans, and other students will ride with adults helping that day. Because tickets are limited, I will only be able to guarantee the first 40 people who pay. If you have already helped with the bull riding concession night, or a flag football concession night on Monday at the church, you can use the funds to cover your ticket to this event. You should confirm with me that you want to use your funds from your youth account for this event to ensure I reserve your spot for the day.

Please plan to bring some spending money to the rodeo. There are tons of concessions that we will be able to enjoy for lunch, and the prisoners make crafts that are available for purchase, too. The amount brought is up to each individual. Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything related to this event.

In Christ,
Ryan Wells

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