Parade Service Opportunity

Tomorrow, March 4th, we will have a service opportunity at an assisted living home in Gonzales. Generation Hospice contacted me because we have served them in the past, so we have not had the chance to promote this like our normal events. I received the final details this afternoon. Unfortunately, we only have 10 spots available so we will be limited to the first ones who respond.

We will meet at the church at noon to eat lunch. After we eat, we will load up the van and head to Magnolia Assisted Living in Gonzales for their annual Mardi Gras celebration. I have been told we will be throwing things in a parade and will have a chance to spend some time with the seniors. We will also eat on our way back to the church after we finish at Magnolia. We should be back to the church between 5-5:30 pm. Remember, first 10 to respond lock in their spot for tomorrow.

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