DNow Weekend

I want to bring everyone up to date before the weekend.

Last night at Thrive, Timothy Gregoire shared a powerful testimony. He was transparent and challenged the teens to “take off the masks” and get real with one another. The whole time he spoke, they were glued to him and there was not a single distraction during his teaching. He used a great balance of seriousness, questions, and occasional jokes. I want to encourage you to take a few minutes and listen to his message; to hear it, click here.

What happened next was totally unexpected. The teens were challenged to get into their DNow groups and open up to one another. They accepted the challenge and we witnessed our student ministry transformed in a powerful way. I originally told them we would take 10 minutes, but I did not want to stop what God was doing. Finally, after about 15 minutes, I called them all together for prayer and dismissal because parents were arriving. After they were dismissed, many stayed right where they were praying, crying, and hugging each other; even students that normally do not get along. It was such a touching moment, we titled it the official launch of DNow. I have received so many messages from teens last night and today (as well as viewed their social networks) to know they will be showing up expecting God to continue the work he started last night!

We have been praying God would take the relationships of the teens to the next level this year. That is the main theme of DNow this year. Please continue to pray for your students this weekend. Especially challenge them to be transparent, trustworthy, and include all students in the activities this weekend.

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