Camp Outline and Leaders

Dear Parents,

This year, camp is going to be a blast! Below you will find an outline of the plans for the week, contact info for our leaders, as well as some details related to our camp. As always, if you have any questions or need anything, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ryan Wells


Guy Leaders:

Ryan Wells: 225-328-9671

Matt Lowery: 225-324-8009


Lady Leaders:

Diana Garig: 225-281-0044

Lisa Smith: 225-719-7940

Alaina Laperouse: 225-315-3993


Guidelines for the week

  • Cell phones – We have seen tremendous breakthrough when the normal distractions are removed and we can hear God’s voice clearly. In the past, when cell phones are collected, this clarity is most evident. As a result, we are asking all teens to leave their cell phones at home while we are at camp this year. Our leaders will take plenty of pictures and be available if you need to speak with your students during the week. If the parents would like the comfort of knowing their student was sent with their phone, I would hold them for the week like I did last year. Please feel free to discuss any needs or concerns you might have related to this decision.
  • Bibles – please encourage the teens to bring their bibles and a notebook for notes. Recording notes of a God moment is helpful, especially when referring back to them at a later season.
  • Other Supplies – Here is a list of items that will serve as a guideline for students when packing:

o   Sleeping bag

o   Pillow

o   Towel

o   Toiletries (deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, bar soap, and razor & shaving cream if needed)

o   Clothes for each day (See below for service project details. Lets remember we are representing Christ away from our normal circle of influence. Parents, please make sure our students are only wearing appropriate clothes. Student Life has no tolerance for inappropriate clothes and they will not let the students participate in events if clothes are questionable. Each student should have a pair of shoes. Flip flops are allowed but they can not be the only thing for the week because we will be on our feet for most of the day.)

o   To our knowledge, there will not be washer and dryers we will have access to so at least one outfit per day will be needed.

o   Recommend packing a trash bag to separate dirty/wet clothes from clean clothes during the week (and so their clean clothes will still be clean when they get home).


After much planning and considering the stops that will have to be made along the way, we will have to leave the church early in the morning so we are not late for check-in. Instead of our parents having to get out so early in the morning, we will spend the night at the church on Sunday night and leave out early Monday morning. Here is an outline of the Sunday night and Monday travel times.

Sunday, June 8 (times are P.M.)

9:00    Students arrive at church for sleepover (Students will load luggage in trailer as they arrive. Please bring your child having already bathed and eaten dinner. We will have a little time of hanging out before bed. They can wear something comfortable for the day of travel on Monday that can also serve as sleep clothes for them Sunday night.)

10:30  Lights out

Monday, June 9 (times begin in the A.M.)

4:00    Students wake up

4:15    Use bathrooms and pray as a group before departing

4:30    Vans leave church

6:00    Breakfast at Burger King (1450 Delaware Ave. McComb, MS 39648 (601) 249-2074)

7:00    Back on the road

9:30    Bathroom break and fuel up (Chevron 1500 Highway 11 S. Meridian, MS 39307 (601) 485-7974)

10:00  Back on the road

11:30  Lunch at Wendy’s (5018 Oscar Baxter Dr. Tuscaloosa, AL 35405 (205) 752-1143)

12:30  Back on the road

2:30    Arrive at camp ( (1314 Shocco Springs Road
 Talladega, Alabama 35161


Camp this year will be in Shocco Springs, AL. Our speaker is Landon Dowden and our band leading in worship will be Unhindered. For a more detailed outline of the daily activities, please visit the following link:


Here are our service project details for the week of camp:

Organization Description: The Talladega Housing Authority has several locations where Student Life is allowed to host Kid’s Camp for children at these lower-income housing developments. Our groups have been partnered with these locations for several years and the kids anticipate our activities each summer!

Project Details: Kid’s Camp from 11:30am-2:30pm so that you can arrive no later than 11am and get set up, eat your lunches, and then begin the program. You will then have time to get the children back to their homes and clean up before you need to head back to campus.


Friday, June 13 (times begin in the A.M.)

9:00    Leave camp

12:00  Lunch at Chic-Fil-A; Grid Iron student drop off. (109 S. Frontage Rd. Meridian, MS 39301 (601) 581-1479)

1:00    Fuel up at Chevron (1500 Highway 11 S. Meridian, MS 39307 (601) 485-7974)

1:30    Back on the road

5:00    Dinner at Smokehouse B.B.Q. (15016 Hwy 38 E. Kentwood, LA 70444 (985) 229-0310)

6:00    Back on the road

7:00    Fuel up at Indian Mound

7:30    Arrive back at the church

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